Ana Giovinazzo.

I am an editor and writer living in Brooklyn, New York. I've worked on a range of freelance projects from promotional magazine editing to technical writing.

When writing, I ensure consistency of style and appropriate tone.
When editing, I strive for clean, correct copy while preserving your unique voice.

If you're interested in my assistance on your editorial or writing-related projects, please check my projects pages and contact listing for further information.

I am also an avid writer of fiction and a halfhearted book blogger.


Magical Realist Short Story Collection.

For my master's thesis, I wrote a collection of five magical realist short stories that reflect on death and the process of loss. Since then, I've been working to edit these five stories and develop more works in a similar vein. I love that magical realism allows for the addition of fantastic elements in fiction without crossing over fully into the realm of fantasy, and I feel that the fantastic elements in magical realist fiction often help to enhance the thematic focus of the stories by allowing for more creative, memorable images and plots.

I cannot share any direct excerpts from these stories due to potential first publication rights issues, but if you'd like to read something, please contact me.


The Sycamore: Wells College's Student General Interest Magazine.

As a co-founder and chief copy editor of The Sycamore, my college's general interest magazine, I was tasked with writing feature-length articles about the semester's topic. The article above was written for "The Expression Issue" in Fall 2010. For The Sycamore, our main writing goals were to assert a thesis, cite sources, and add a little character to keep our audience interested. It's a healthy mix of armchair analysis, some fun scholarly research, interviews with the college's student body, and an intelligent yet lighthearted tone. 

Soapbox for Nerds Weblog Submission: "Why I'll Never Bother Reading Ulysses"

I’m embarrassed because even with a graduate degree in my field, I’ve started to feel as if I haven’t mastered it at all. Who is the main character in For Whom the Bell Tolls? Um, some guy who was in a war, I guess. Can I describe the overall idea behind Nicholas Nickleby? If it’s anything like Dickens’s other novels, it’s social satire told through the life of a main character and his web of interrelationships with dozens of other characters. What happens in Pride and Prejudice? I have no idea, but probably somebody gets married.

This paragraph is from a creative nonfiction essay I did for Soapbox for Nerds, a platform for ranting and writing on a variety of so-called "nerdy" subjects. In this humorous, self-deprecating confession, I explain what it's like to feel like you're faking your expertise in your field (and maintaining the hope that others are faking it just as much as you are). 

Pomegranate: Employee and Managerial Handbooks.

This excerpt is an example of some of the freelance writing/design work I did when I first moved to Brooklyn. Lovingly deemed the "kosher Whole Foods" by customers and employees alike, Pomegranate's strengths are its cleanliness, its highly extensive selection of goods, its house-made foodand, my personal favorite, its branding.

When developing this project, I spent hours interviewing managerial and floor staff to learn about every role, every company structure, and every employee task. I then compiled this information into 11 separate handbooks (one for each department) and organized the information using the company's official style guide.

Writing these guides proved a small challenge, as much of the staff is multilingual. I tried to break each task out into one clear, bold statement, then add details below. As this project was part of Pomegranate's larger customer service initiative, I also used this space to stress positive messaging about customer interactions, organization, and professionalism.

The excerpt pictured features the cover of a handbook, the spread for the role of the stockers, a page of general downtime tasks, and a managerial checklist for the general grocery area.